Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love: Thrown Away (ver 1.2)

While lovey-dovey people were busy tossing oranges into ponds and rivers, me, my colleague and a few dozen reporters were busy getting the MCA parliamentary candidate list and latest news at Wisma MCA. As chaotic and busy the whole scene was, it was worth getting a front page shared-byline (and having two stories published)!

But this is not what i really want to blog about. It was more of what day is it because it's the Chinese Valentine's Day - Chop Goh Mei, which marks the end of Chinese New Year.

What i want to point out is that darn popular proposal that happened last week. I believe no one would forget David Tan, the Malaysian Cassanova who made headlines by proposing to his girlfriend, Kelly Tan with the "RM40,000" billboard and RM14,000 engagement ring! Click HERE for more info.

This is the numbskull who raised the level of expectation of women or around for mere mortal gentlemen. It's foreseeable in the future, if guys can't live up to expectations, girls will said,"How come you cannot be like David Tan?! So romantic!"

I guess picture is no stranger to bloggers/newspaper readers/LDP highway users.

Many would argue (including girls) that the money would have been better well spent on things like a house or a car. We can only imaging being able to spend that much at one go! Joanne Lee said it would be more romantic if they both flew to Paris and he made the proposal there with the money.

But then again, it's his money, his life, his girl (soon-to-be wife), his way and his ad. Perhaps he takes the cake for outrages proposals ever done in Malaysia; he deserves the credit.

Anyway, i heard my colleagues joking about this, before the news was published, and if Kelly were to say yes, David, in a month's time, would splurge more cash and put this up.

It's possible, ya?

For me, a hopeless, pessimitic romantic, i can't imaging myself doing anything romantic, what more something this huge, for a girl. I don't see such future for me, i think.

"Wise men say only fools rush in
But I cant help falling in love with you
Shall I stay
Would it be a sin
If I cant help falling in love with you..."

Taken from Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

Love & Peace!~



Anonymous said...

Having appeared on the front page of Malaysia's top local daily, I think this move was more than a mere act of romance. His dad's business is going to skyrocket in the next couple of months. :)

BlurChu? said...

Yes, it's definitely more than an act of love, Joanne Soo.

But to think the business will sky rocket in a few months to come, i don't think so.

Mere mortals just don't have the luxury to do so... or the brainless-ness either. (Sorry for the poor choice of words, but it seems suitable, in this case)