Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spammed Calls and Swelled Sushi (ver 1.5)

"Hello, you're Mr Bernard Cheah, right?
"...I got your number from your friend...."

This was part of the conversation i had with telemarketer from True Fitness, who wanted to give me a free one-week trial membership. And as usual, i declined, citing that i'm really busy and if i ever had free time to go to their gym, i would be attending another more important matters in my already-messed-up life.

But what really pissed me off was the fact that she couldn't tell me who gave my name to the company. For all we know, they got my number from someone or somewhere without my knowledge, and i personally think this is an invasion of privacy!

After she explained about some mumbo-jumbo yoga classes and other offers available, i declined the offer.

As much as i want to be buffed, i know it's no way possible to do it in a short time. And with the constraint of both time and money, i don't think i would be joining a gym anytime soon.

Buffed (taken from Kevan's blog)

If i ever get hold of the person who gave my name to them, i would smack his/her head with a dumbbell a couple dozen times.

On a brighter note, a few of the youths and i celebrated Ivan's farewell party at Sakae Sushi in The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Oddly enough, the same branch in Bangsar Village 2 isn't as classy as this one.

With Angeline, Carmen, Caroline, Daniel Loo, Gillian, Fook Sim, Ignatius, Jocelyn, John Rueben, KEVAN Justin botak, Nicholas, and Sui Li feasting together as we wish him off, it was a barrel of fun and laughter, as we ate sushi, chat and ate more wasabi-ed sushi! It was hilarious to see the faces of those who can't actually take the heat.

And the night ended with a few of us went for mango shaved ice dessert near Low Yat Plaza.

*Sigh* I shouldn't have too much food at night!


Love & Peace!~



Kevanphua said...

Oi Bangla,

Can I ask u where u got that picture from? My blog is it?

nonsense la and where is my name? I was there during the dinner la! too much la u

BlurChu? said...

Ah... no wonder i felt weird when i was typing the entry... and yes, the picture was from your blog.