Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Lies Ahead.

I never imagine myself standing in front of the church, preaching to the masses. Neither have i thought of entering the church ministry as a pastor. Never!

And last Sunday, I was prophetized by a visiting pastor.

After the service, i was walking around, waiting for others to go for lunch, i bumped into our guest speaker, Rev. Mary Adams and her entourage. And she stopped me, told me she was looking for me, and hold my hand.

Then, she said i would be a pastor in the future.

She said these words: "You wouldn't be just plucking the bass guitar. You will be plucking the hearts of people."

Seriously, i was speechless and clueless. I did enjoy playing bass that Sunday, but this just really took me aback.

Currently, i enjoy my life as a journalist. Tough, pressureful and demanding, but i enjoy every single moment reporting and writing news.

What should i do?

"...History sits and she tells her stories
Bitter and twisted without power
Sitting watching feeding her jealous mouth
The future looks back to learn her lessons
Memories fade while experience beckons
I'm caught in the middle which way should I go

Gravity's pulling me, but heaven is calling me and

My head's spinning the world's twisted
My head's twisted the world's spinning..."

Exceprt from Gravity by Delirious?

Love & Peace!~



Stranger said...

hey there future pastor,
wow, that was SOME prophecy. Pastor huh...
anyway, i can't provide any clues because clues mean I am throwing the 3 million into your lap and we can't have that can we?

Ling said...

Pastor Bernard, when will you start preaching?

BlurChu? said...

Hmmm... cut the RM3 mil into half and give me some clues lah, Stranger! Or let's play 21 questions?

And it wouldn't be anytime soon lah, Ling... whichever Ling you are. Do i know you?