Thursday, October 13, 2005

Away... TOO LONG!


I've been away from the Internet for too long already! And this blog seems to be dusty.

Forgive me, fellow bloggers, for not updating my blog frequently these few days. Living without the Internet is like a fish out of water, a thirsty traveller in the desert, and me without food.

What's been going on with me the recently?
Well, I was at one of the most AWESOME CF Camp, been working, living life to the fullest and on fire for Jesus!

There are a few things i would like to post up on my blog, but due to proximity and time constraint, i have to type as fast as my shaking fingers can go. Looks like using the university's Internet Lab is the next best thing than having no Internet access at all.

The following would be what you would expect to come here:

  • Soaring Like An Eagle UTAR Christian Fellowship Camp
  • My work
  • Stuff i've been getting on the Internet
  • Stuff I watch on TV
  • Nickelback's Photograph
  • UTAR Orientation Committee Jan '06
  • The CF and it's wacky members

Hmm... Looks like my lunch time is over. Got to get back to my office.

See you!

"I'll rise on Your wings of wind,
I'll soar like on eagle's wings..."

Love & Peace!~


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