Saturday, October 08, 2011

Karpal n Gurmit - an inspiration found today.

Today, I got to witness something great, that made an impact on me, left me an impression of awesomeness.

This morning, DAP chairman n veteran lawyer Karpal Singh was awarded over RM2 million in the 2005 accident, which left him wheelchair-bound. Click the link for the story -

DAP chairman Karpal Singh (middle) with his son, lawyer Jagdeep Singh Deo (left) and his wife Gurmit Kaur (right).

The story was great, but what was greater was the story shared by Karpal's wife, Gurmit Singh.

While waiting for the amount won in the case, my counterparts and I managed to chat with her, and this strong-willed woman shared her life after the accident.

She told us how tedious it has been since the accident, where Karpal has to be assisted from the time he gets up till the time he goes to sleep; he is surrounded by people all the time.

"I will not get the same Karpal again," she said, and she teared up a little as she recalls the accident that took her man's mobility away from him.

Listening to her experience, I viewed that Gurmit had lived out the marriage vow of 'For better or worse' by being by Karpal's side even in this condition.

And due to the accident, he is constantly in pain, and take painkillers when the attacks happens.

But despite all these. Gurmit shared to us the rise of this great defender. He was still sharp as a knife in his thoughts, and able to serve his constituents as a Member of Parliament less than a year after the accident.

"When he is focused at work, the pain is gone," she said, agreeing to the statement I told her, "He's doing what makes him aive to stay alive."

Karpal is a man, fighter and defender for the weak, and I look up to him because of these. But I respect Gurmit for staying firm, composed and standing by Karpal side all these years.

As the saying goes, 'Behind every successful man, is a woman', and I see that in these couple.

My hats off to them.

I pray I can find my 'iron woman' one day. But I need to be the Iron-man before that can take place. I shall move forward....

This is a signage place on the wall of Karpal's office in Jalan Greenhall, in George Town here.

Love & Peace!~ BC?


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