Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When courting, do remember....

Being in this courtship with Melissa D for more than two years, as well as observing other couples and getting advises from more senior couples, i learnt a lot of things. Some, i've implemented in my own relationship, while others, i wish i did before.

Here a few gems:

- Be serious about the relationship, with both individuals looking into marriage. If it's casual, don't make promises... and if it's for the sake of being 'friends with benefits', forget it - he's interested in getting in your pants, not a commitment!

- Get married as soon as you can. Don't leave the damsel hanging, waiting for you to pop the question.

- Get blessings from parents from both sides. You'll need it.

- Have the same vision and dreams, if possible. Nothing's worst than both individuals running against each other in the future.

- Have the support from the your other half - both of you need it!

- Be committed, for best or worst!

- Get a house to stay in after getting married. It's best to get the place before the wedding.

- Do not enter the marriage with debts from the wedding, or the relationship might suffer over the financial problem.

- Do not have an extravagant wedding ceremony. Do it within your means.

- Love one another, as you love God.

- Advises from others are good, but it's the couple who determines what's best.

We're still learning as we proceed towards marriage, and i pray that this relationship will be a testimony to others out there.

Love & Peace!~  


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