Friday, July 23, 2010

The unbreakable and intangible.

On Tuesday night, when i was about to retire for the day, i notice something unusual - my engagement ring broke.

The white gold ring broke as before i took it out of my ring finger, as i always did before. Few weeks ago, the same thing happened to Melissa D's engagement ring, and we got it repaired recently.

So, before i freaked out and thought that it was a impending bad omen which would end our relationship, i came to a conclusion that it was just a item which broke and it has nothing to do with our wonderful relationship that we have.

So, this just proves four points:

1. I've purchased an expensive, flimsy ring.

2. It's time to go on a diet.

3. Time to purchase a nicer ring, which i did!

4. I need to be more careful in the future.

On the bright side, the new, cheaper ring i have is awesome!

Love & Peace!~


1 comment:

MĠN said...

hey. just a thought. i've read that gold is one of the most malleable substances, especially the purer it is. So, definitely don't take it as a bad omen. =) thinking bout u and melissa. <3