Monday, July 19, 2010

A trip back to where was house, part 1:To Mr and Mrs Phua!

And this was after they said "I do".

Congratulations to both Kevan and Angeline for tying the knot! Both Melissa D and i were glad to be able to witness the process where two individuals officially become a unit, and be present at your wedding!

Once again, Mr and Mrs Phua (jr), congratulations and may this next course of your life been filled with joy and excitement as both of you embark on this new chapter in life with God leading the both of you.

And nonetheless, it was good to be able to meet up a few CF friends, like Tan Jo-Anne, Darren and Justin Tan. Will remember to choose a better venue to meet up next time!

Going out with my brothers wasn't a bad thing... i hope to meet up with them more often, for movies and makan, if possible.

Alyssa and Justin Yap!

And it was a great to be able to see the bundle of joy both Justin Yap and Sher-Mayne have. Alyssa's just so cute! Hopefully, both of you have a great time nurturing and seeing this little gift of God blossom before you.

And i hope to meet others in the future, including former school mates and university friends!

Love & Peace!~

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Jo-Anne said...

haha...nice meeting u and melissa too. yeah must choose better venue next time.

p/s: oh my gosh alyssa look EXACTLY like justin!!!! lol