Sunday, March 14, 2010

Losing it

I believe many viewers were glued to the TV last Tuesday as the first ever winner for Asia's Biggest Loser was announced on air. And BAM, it was a shocker to everyone that David Gurnani emerged the winner!

I looked at the pictures on the newspaper twice, trying to see if it was the same person.

"He looked to thin to be fit!" I thought to myself. And this thought (i believe) resonant with many of those who watched the live-telecast on TV or read about it in the newspaper the next day.

Losing almost half his weight to reach 81kg, this 25-year old Indonesian took six months off work to train 8 to 10 hours per day to achieve what his current weight.

And besides the title, David walked away with USD100,000 as well.

But everyone else were rooting for the other contestant Carlo Miguel, who was determined and when he appeared on the finale, he DID look fit... but then again, about the loser being the winner (hence the title), not about how healthy you look.

Maybe David thinks its all worth it. And he added he's planning on adding weight and muscles to his body.

Click HERE for more details about the Biggest Loser Asia and other things, including health and dieting tips.

Hmmm... maybe i should join in then?

Love & Peace!~


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