Sunday, March 21, 2010

363: Less than a year and counting.

This is a photo of our friends' wedding in Ampang last year. Photo by Matt Gan

The countdown has officially began. Even with a year away, the planning for wedding both Melissa D and me has began.

We've drafted out a very brief plan for the wedding. The date has been set. One (or rather, two) which is somewhat suitable and low-peak on the Chinese superstitious calender. Parents from both side of the family have met up to clear the air on uncertainties, though some parts still need to be discussed in detail.

Honestly, if i was given a choice, i don't mind going to the National Registration Department, get registered, and *BAM*, we can legally and morally live in cohabitation. Why am i of such opinion? Because i believe in a life-long marriage, not a one-day wedding ceremony; an event where money is splurged unnecessarily to be bigger, grander and better than their friend's wedding. Ridiculous, i may say.

But this, of course, is not fair to Melissa D, her family, my family and many other friends and church leaders.

After all, there're still many things we need to cover, like where do we stay once we're married? How do we manage our shared finance? Our courier, etc.

We've got so much more to learn, ask, listen and observe from those who went before us into this chapter of life. There's very little time left, and God help us.

Love & Peace!~


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