Saturday, March 20, 2010

Go East!

Don't you love how the sun hits you in the eye when you wake up early in the morning?

Last Saturday, Melissa D and myself participated in a mall hunt, the Charis Hospice Hunt for Charity Mall Hunt in Queensbay Mall. It was fun, and tricky, cracking our head as we move from one place, or rather, shop as we answered the questions given to us.

We finished third, but due to two careless mistakes, we landed in sixth place. But we had fun! Honestly, the questions given were slightly challenging, but it was easy to figure them out.

We'll enter in next year again. After all, it's for charity!

Today, both of us were at a wedding of her friends in Sg Nibong. It was good lah, as it gave us a lot of data on what we can plan for our own wedding. And at the same time, it was several eye-openers... like i always thought the best man should be an unmarried guy, and there should be grooms men and maid of honour present at the alter. Hmmmm....

And yeah... although we plan to get married next year, planning needs to beginning now. And just thinking about the matter exhausts me. God, give me strength... and wisdom!

On Monday, both of us and several people in church, predominantly the school leavers participating in the School of Youth Ministry (SYM) will be heading off to Sabah!

We'll be there for the next two weeks, moving from one church to another in the interior of that state as we carry haversacks and move through the jungle.

I hope to blog more when we return from the state in the east. Have a good weekend everyone!

Love & Peace!~


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