Monday, September 07, 2009

It comes knocking....

One of the worries i'm currently facing is where on earth should a house. Well, maybe this could be peer-pressure from my buddies Justin and Kevan, who each have purchased their own places. Or maybe i'm just going through a phase of life where i feel like settling down.

But seriously, this is one of issues that both Melissa D and i need to tackle before we proceed to the next step of the courtship; among other things.

I think just praying for a place to stay isn't suffice. The prayer should be specific and we ourselves should put in effort in looking for a place.

Looking at locations, we hope to get (at least) a condominium with a pool (and gym) in somewhere in Taman Linear, Bukit Gambir or Pulau Tikus.

A place which could be opened for Cell Group meetings or even to just hang out with friends and family.

But whether we would buy the place or rent it, isn't another issue altogether. But we're leaving it in God's hands; to help us in getting a place we can call "Home Sweet Home".

Love & Peace!~



Anonymous said...

Pulau Tikus! Then can see you when I go down to Penang ma.

YT said...

Buying a place is a huge step to take, and a big commitment to engage. But I guess it's a sweet burden that worth the little sacrifices :)

Yes, plan well and it will happen! Good luck!

Justin said...

Go Bernard! Come up with a list of characteristics of your ideal house (including location, parking, and other things that make will make it more convenient) and pray for God to provide you one. You'll never know, God might just surprise you.