Saturday, September 26, 2009


Besides following Bleach, One Piece and Naruto (and several other mangas!), I recently picked up Bakuman by Ohba Tsugumi (author) and Obata Takeshi (aritst). Ohba wrote the storyline for Death Note as well, while Obata was the same mangaka (artist) for Death Note, Hikaru No Go and Blue Dragon - Ral Grado.

Bakuman's storyline is about how two boys, Mashiro and Takagi, who dream big about being mangakas! And at the same time, Mashiro has a thing for his classmate, Azuki, and promised to marry her once they become a big hit in the world of manga!

I'm really inspired not only by the storyline, but the thoughts and determination of the characters. Not to mention the naiveness in Mashiro and Azuki, who have been in close proximity with each other for so long, yet spoke so little. It's so pure and sweet!~ I enjoy reading this manga, and i would recommend this to you if you're looking for a manga to indulge in... though, it's still in progress.

Personally, i would want to do my best in work, as well as excelling in my relationship with Melissa D. Well, i guess i just need to do my best, and leave the rest to God, eh?

Love & Peace!~


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