Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Friendship Carnival (Ver 1.0)

I can't believe it's September already!~ In a few weeks' time, it'll be Hari Raya, followed by Deepavali... Christmas and when you realise it, 2010 is here!~

Anyway, i've uploaded the photos, taken by Dr Matt Gan here on the blog (Thanks, dude!)

The Friendship Carnival, organised by the Reservoir Garden Baptist Church and JNPC (Joyful Nursery Preschool Centre), was held in conjunction with the church's 44th anniversary.

Held at Youth Park on Aug 23 (during the Permatang Pasir by-election), our CG was in-charge of the Captain Ball tournament held that day. And since it's raining season, it pour and pour and pour that day.

Those who were present were moving to the beat at the auditorium in Youth Park? I think this was about 9am, when the drizzle started.

Pastor Koe Choon Huan, senior pastor to RGBC, giving his opening speech.

Kids playing.... some game.

The food stalls opened that morning, which i failed to visit as i was busy looking after the tournament.

Pastor Thom, Joshua Lam, Henry, Alan, Hon Yin, Wai Kuan and myself were the referees for the games, while Melissa D and her cousin Charis took down the scores. Credit goes to Pastor Danny who invested a lot of time, not only for the tournament, but other aspects of the carnival.

Part of the Captain Ball action!

Even the heavy rain did not dampen these players, who are on fire!

This was how heavy the rain was... and how muddy the court was as the participants continue to play!

At the end of it all, team Anonymous, which comprised mostly of Malaysian living in Australia, dominated the whole tournament, leaving many younger ones disappointed.

Me with one of the Captain Ball balls. Originally, three of them were Volley Ball balls, and after a week of intense training, they turn out to be good, reliable Captain Ball balls! Well done!

But at the end of the day, it's all good!

By 12pm, the carnival drew to an end... despite feeling tired, it was worth all the effort put in! I guess there wouldn't be an event like this next year... but i don't mind helping out again.

Love & Peace!~


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