Sunday, June 21, 2009


I turned 25 last Friday, and i'm glad to be able to celebrate it here with Melissa D, the CG members as well as the music team in church.

I didn't know the music team would get me cheese cake (which was pretty good and affordable) on the eve of my birthday. And when i brought the cake to Bintang, the boss asked if we wanted to lights off so that we can celebrate my birthday there!~

Melissa D and i went for lunch at TGI Fridays in Queensbay Mall and later watched Night at the Museum 2, which was a pretty hilarious and entertaining movie.

For dinner, we were at OXO cafe, where we had our CG meeting. But it's not a place i would want to go very often. But they have these fun hats me and Melissa D both wear in the pictures!

The pink cake... and it doesn't taste as good as the cheese cake. But since it's free, i'm not complaining.

Melissa D and me

The party animal!

Well, i wish for happiness, love and peace for all those around me; my loved ones, family and friends. And i pray that God will allow me to do that.

Love & Peace!~



darlynemel said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself dear.

I had a great time too.


BlurChu? said...

Thanks dear. I did enjoy myself spending time with you too.



teh ais limei said...

Oh man! Your bday was so close to mine! sorry for the late wish - but happy belated birthday! serve me right for being so hopeless at remembering dates T.T

BlurChu? said...

Hey, Limei!~

Thanks!~ Better late than never lah...