Thursday, June 04, 2009

Not coming home yet. (Ver 1.2)

The last time i came back to KL was in March.

Last month, i was suppose to come back, but the by-elections in Penanti held me back. And i pushed it to this month. But due to conflicting schedules with my colleagues, i would have to postpone my return trip to July.


But it doesn't change the fact that there's still work to be done, and no one is dying or crying with me being stuck here on the island. Haven't heard anyone begging me to come back to KL.

I try my best to keep in contact with those i can keep in contact with. But when no one contacts me, the communication is left at status quo. Hmmmm... it's up to there lah.

But if anyone wants to meet up with me, either on the island (and mainland) or KL, i'm more than happy to see you, provided i've got the time.

Looks like i have to apologise to several people for not being able to see them this month, which includes my papa. Not to forget, Justin Yap, Kevan, David and Dewgem and Gideon, Justin Tan, Pek Mei, Julius and bros, HG members, etc.

Gotta call my papa now.

Love & Peace!~



Anonymous said...

So you're not coming back this month? Even the newborn Gideon not magnetic enough?

And no one can "bag" you to come back....unless you plan to return in a body bag....

Besides, I speak for myself here but, I thought you liked it up there. Got your 'angel' there some more, so how to 'bag' you to come back wor haha...

- Nemo

BlurChu? said...


I'm currently tied here lah, Nemo. Will explain more when i see you online, ok?

Life is simple, circumstances make it difficult.