Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mussings from the island.

Hmm... i haven't been chatting with a lot of friends since i've come to the island. I suppose while others will come home at night from school/college/university/work and log onto MSN messenger, i normally turn it on at work after i get my stories done. And i don't have an connectivity in my room.

Speaking of which, i'm now living in a flat, no more in a room on top of a coffee shop here. Still living and working in the island, and despite the ups and downs, i love it here!

Got a new pair of spectacles, which did a serious number to my wallet. Well, it's lighter and good lah, getting used to it. After all, it has been five years since i got my last pair, which i still use when i'm at home.

My nose bleed for the past few days. But it's not so serious to the point i pass out due to lack of blood. And i'm still doing fine, after recovering from a flu (no, no swine flu here... i mean, Influenza A (N1H1)!). But i got this feeling that i might fall ill one of these days.

Just can't stand hearing another civilian fell victim to snatch theft, which have been rampant of late. Hmmm... i suppose when the economic is bad, some resort to the evil of stealing to put bread on the table. But is it worth taking another's life?

*sigh* Well, i just submit this to God, and let Him deal with those who are wrong lah.

Anyway, Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers (and moms-to-be) out there!~ Have a nice day!~

Love & Peace!~


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