Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Copy and paste!

Just got my work done, and now sitting in Sunway Carnival Mall here, on mainland. Was here for a few assignments, and will return after i walk around here. I might have dinner here.

Looks like i'll be coming here more often with the Penanti by-election coming up. So, i've got to know this place well.

Anyway, my arms, which have been aching since Friday night, are getting better. A lesson learned from that; don't enthusiastically play Wii before BBQ night!

There's a few things i want to blog about, on shocking news, arrivals (and yet to come), break-ups, relationship, etc. But i think i'll leave it for some other time. But i must remember to update my blog!

Anyway, for those who have no idea what to name their twins, take a look at this:

Smile, ya?

Love & Peace!~


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