Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Grown-up?

A few weeks ago, a schoolmate of mine in primary/secondary school got married in Batu Pahat. I knew him, Meng Yew, but wasn't very close to him. But congratulations anyway!~

Another friend of mine put on his facebook status, that one of us is now married, we're already 'that old'.

Come to think of it, i'll be turning 25 this year; a quarter of a century old.

So, here comes the question: Are we grown-up yet?

I've seen older people behaving like kids, saying stuff like,"I don't want to friend you, you are not a really friend!" or quarreling like kids in a sandbox (read: politicians here). But at the same time, i've got younger friends who never fail to amaze me with words of wisdom on advise, finance and life.

Which begs the second question: Are we mature yet?

To sidetrack a little, last Sunday, brother Geoffrey Steel preached about spiritual maturity in church. Interesting to hear a person, who has no qualifications in Bible theology, talk about how the bible is meant for everyone.

But to cut to the point, he said something about it one's decision to become mature, his own conviction.

Personally, i don't think i'm mature yet. I'm still a small potato. I still have a lot to learn, and i'm willing to take criticisms and advices from others. It's still a long way for me before i can be a sensei or master in anything. I'm no master, yet. I need to gain more experience.

In conclusion, it is not so much about age, but about us being able to handle bigger and tougher roles in life when the time comes. With experience, knowledge and wisdom in hand (together with God's guidance), will we be able to be better individuals.

Then, you're a grown-up, i suppose.

Shikamaru: My master entrusted me with a lot, from big things to little things.
It's the same for you... and unlimited number of things.
Don't you think its about time for us?
Naruto: Time for what?
Shikamaru: To be the ones that entrust, not the entrusted. It's a pain in the ass, but i can't say that.
Shikamaru: Someday, you'll be the one to treat others ramen. And you will be called Master Naruto.
We can't stay kids forever.
Like Asuma and Jiraiya, i wanna be as cool as them.

Taken from Masashi Kisimoto's manga Naruto, Chapter 406: The Key to the Future

P/S I should start reading more of my friends' blogs. I puked earlier this week. But all's good now.

Love & Peace!~


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YT said...

The way you write reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw in SATC :)

Nice one. I am not matured yet and I am in no rush either :D