Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not Fair!~ It's just stupid.

The people would have already know about what had happened yesterday; of the arrest of a journalist, a member of parliament and blogger under the draconian rule in this country known as the Idiotic Stupid Act.

It trouble those of us who are in the same line of work, when one of our kin's arrested for reporting the truth. Indeed it was saddening to hear that, as many of us gathered outside the police station up to 3am this morning to find out what happened to Cheng.

Thank goodness she arrived home today, unharmed. All of us, including politicians and NGOs, are happy over this matter. But nonetheless, the other two prominent people are still arrested. *sigh*

According to a certain dumb minister, Cheng was 'detained for her own safety, as there were threats on her life.' Ironically, the arrest warrant issued stated that she's arrested for causing racial tension?! Hmmm... someone is kidding himself.

Shouldn't the Datuk Annoying Idiot who allegedly made the statement at a certain ceremah last month, should be the one to be chucked into a slammer!

And another depressing news is that fact that a three papers were issued a show cause letters; two of which for reporting the truth.

Like what Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng here joked yesterday, "If you report the truth you would be given show-cause letters; but if you distort the truth, you'll get press awards! It seems to be the trend."

"They can twist the truth and write lies, and get away with it."

*sigh* Oh well, vengeance is the Lord's. That's what i believe, and i'll leave it at that.

"Say what you want, mean what you say
Remember the deepest seeds still find the light of day
Do as you please, and be who you be
Im telling you, this things gonna bring you to your knees

The truth is what we need, it is the end of mystery
You know the truth will set you free
The truth is out there...."

Taken from DC Talk's The Truth

P.S. Mansuhkan ISA!

Love & Peace!~



Jo-Anne said...

Datuk Annoying Idiot....and the Idiotic Stupid Act....


A good one Bernard, a good one....


BlurChu? said...


Thanks, Tan Jo-Anne!~