Monday, September 15, 2008

I can't believe it happened!

Yes, i've been pushed to a corner. I can't believe i compromised myself, when against the odds and actually did it.

I feel ashamed of myself for not living up to what i've set up. *sigh* I dare say i've sin (according to my own rules). I've done what i never thought i'll do.



I got... a HAIR CUT!~

Yes, this is how i look now. Have i gained weight?

I was told by many people here on the island to get my hair cut, including Melissa D. So, just now, i decided to go to her hairdresser, and have a go at it. The last appointment i had was in January this year.

And boy, was it tough to see locks of hair dropping down to the floor with every cut.

But hey, at least i got to keep part of the tail.

Yup, there's a little rebel in me!

But Melissa D says i look extremely good looking, with my hair style now. Even Aunty Moy's also smiling at me, saying i look like a small kid.

Me and Melissa D.

Oh well, I'm not all that bumped. My hair can still grow. So, my tail will be back in its full glory.

Anyway, all i can say is i just feel so darn happy. I thank God for what He has blessed me with!

Love & Peace!~


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