Saturday, September 03, 2011

Father's love.

Honestly, I don't really fancy calls from my dad.

He's concern, but at times it gets annoying. Sometimes, we get into arguments over the line.

The same happened a few hours earlier. During an argument of my current situation, my papa told me that he loves me, and he cares for me.

I told him I love him as well. Never expected it, but yeah, it's our Asian culture of not telling family members, especially men, wouldn't express such affection to one another.

It's a small step, a simple call, but it could be a calling to improve better our relationship as a family.

Love & Peace!~


Sher Sher said...

thumbs up Bernard! =)

Online Outsourcing said...

Hey, I like the post.

Justin said...

Yo, you'll only truly understand this when you become a father yourself.

Stay strong!

Jim said...

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