Friday, April 15, 2011

A Day

While waiting in traffic on the way to work, what else can you do besides listening to the radio, eating breakfast, scolding the slower driver who is holding up traffic and texting?

Taking photos!

Yeah, that was my breakfast this morning as i was heading off to work.

Why peach-flavoured yogurt?
Because it's better than kiwi yogurt.

Why it the lighting to bright?
Because it was not raining... and i put the wrong setting.

Why were there so many cars at that time?
Because everyone is going to work or school... or somewhere.

Why did i take the picture?
Just for kicks!

Is there any message to this picture?
If you can multi-task, eat and drive... without the police pulling you over. HAHAHA!~

Have a great weekend ahead! Both Melissa D and me, and a bunch of friends will be at the Methodist Girls' School (Penang) Pestaria 2011! Do join us if possible?

Love & Peace!~


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