Saturday, January 08, 2011

Of wrong cars and splatters.

Sometimes in life, when you're too focus on one thing, you blunder something else along the way.

Work was hectic on Thursday, and i decided to make my way back from the Courts on the island to the office. As i was walking, towards where i parked my car, i pressed the remote, but the car did not unlock itself.

As i got closer, there was still no respond. Repetitive pressing avail to nothing. I started to panic, and took a closer look at the car... only to realise that it was the wrong car! It was an identical silver Myvi SE parked along Love Lane then.

My car was parked a few blocks away. Embarrassed, i quickly moved to my own car, and to my relief, it unlocked as i pressed the remote.

On Friday and yesterday, i caused splatters around the place i stay (by the way, i'm renting a room from my friend Clictus, who's living next door here).

In the first incident, i stepped on a packet of ketchup (maybe), spewing the red sauce all over the wall in my room. Thankfully, it has been cleaned.

In the most recent incident, the splat was a result of a cockroach being slammed unto the wall as it entered the house here. I was focused on destroying the bug, and i delivered.

Love & Peace!~

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