Wednesday, August 05, 2009

One after another!

Boy, there's a lot of things going on here on the island!

Yesterday, the Kampung Buah Pala continue to stand, as its 100-plus villagers gets another chance to stand and fight for their land (or pack up their belongings) before the developer comes blazing to demolish the 'High Chapparal' on Friday!

The death of Permatang Pasir assemblyman Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman will pave way for another by-election. This will be the third by-election on the island, since the Permatang Pauh by-election (won by PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) and the Penanti state seat, which saw the victory of Mansor Othman, now the Deputy Chief Minister (I).

The Election Commission is expected to announce the nomination and polling dates by Monday, Aug 10.

Speaking of the assemblymen, they will be convening their meeting next Monday and Tuesday (Aug 10 and 11) on the island. Let's hope it wouldn't be a hectic one!

Friendship Carnival at the Youth Park on Aug 23, where Melissa D, Joshua Lam and i are in-charge of Captain Ball. With the day looming by fast, things need to be prepared soon. And with God's strength, we can do it!

Both Melissa D and i are looking forward to watching G.I. Joe and Ghost of Girlfriends' Past at the cinemas. The last movies we watched were Land of the Lost and Ice Age 3, which were both funny. We prefer Ice Age 3 and Land of the Lost was plain lame!

Anyway, gotta go home, and get more sleep!

Love & Peace!~



Oliver said...

I really think the "Kampung Buah Pala" are getting quiet a fair deal with it's double story houses....

Wonder what is the hold up on their end?

BlurChu? said...

Sometimes, i think these villagers are asking a little too much, not to mentioned they are panicking, and some irresponsible people want to take advantage of the situation.


If they don't want the double storey houses, i would love to have one!