Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back from Cameron... and now to work!

Boy, did we had a good time in Cameron Highlands over the weekend! The Courage CG retreat was good! (And too bad for those who couldn't make it. Maybe next time?)

Besides the fact that there was little time, and too many places to go, I enjoyed being on the (high)land of strawberries, tea, and fresh veggies. Not to forget that we bought too many strawberry products back home - from freshly packed ones and dried variants to chocolates and tea infused with that red berries. And i can't believe i still have strawberry milk and ice-cream in the fridge!~

Oh, and did you know that 30 hectares of land in Cameron Highlands grown with strawberries is capable of producing RM70 million worth of the fruit each year? Shocking!

We had discussion on where our CG is heading, and i wish we had more time to give more ideas, discuss them throughly and allow those who can't come voice out their opinion. *sigh* It's not like i'm going against the current leadership here, but i wish more things can be done.

I personally did not like how things were carried out in my KL church, where, despite having plans, meetings and group discussions, at the end of the day, the decisions made are veto - by the youth top leader.

From this i learn - don't argue with church leaders, they are humans too. Just get things done, if you can.

Anyway, it's back to work now. Will post up more photos, if possible.

Melissa D and me

Melissa D and me looking at the tea plantation at Cameron Bharat Plantation.

Melissa D and cacti at the Cactus Valley

(Most) of the Courage Cell Group members, at Cameron Highlands!

Love & Peace!~


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