Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back from Cameron... and now to work! (Part 2)

I wanted to post this up earlier, but i was stuck with work. As the matter of fact, i'm somewhat still stuck with work, waiting with my boss and other counterparts in Komtar, as Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng have a heart-to-heart talk with several residents of the Kampung Buah Pala... which will be demolished early August.

As the saga unfolds, since the 'illegal lands transfer' back in 2001, there were a lot of politics being played, harsh words exchanged, finger-pointing and many sad cows... and cow herders.

So, sitting down in Komtar, a lot of talks on the fate of this 'High Chapparal' as well as the death of the Selangor state exco aide, who plunged to his death. Poor Teoh... dying on the eve of his engagement. I pray neither i or Melissa D will ever have to face something like this.

Anyway, i'm just trying to chill and type out ten reasons why i enjoyed the recent CG retreat in Cameron Highlands. And in no particular order, here are the reasons;

1. Chocolate-dipped strawberries.
2. The fellowship between CG members.
3. Urban Legend board game!
4. The strawberry ice-cream... and not the creamy-flavoured one
5. The cool- freezing breeze.
6. Photo-taking sessions.
7. The road trip - to and from.
8. Purchase of various strawberry products!
9. Makan time... both in Ipoh and Cameron.
10. Suffering from diarrhea for two days isn't one of them. (Ok... i ran out of ideas!)

Gotta go... nothing much here from the private, closed-door discussion. Good night!~

Love & Peace!~


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