Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

For all you readers who ushered the Year of the Ox and collecting (or giving) Ang Pows, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!~

I spend the morning jogging with Melissa D and Aunty Moy, and had lunch in their place while watching Grey's Anatomy. And the night before, i was introduced to Melissa D's relatives and cousins at her grandma's.

The girls laughed when i was introduced, which i assume that they were thinking, "Oh, look how fat he is... *giggles*"

Hence, the morning jog was necessary... more is needed indeed!

And like every other Chinese New Year, it's pretty warm... no cool day like some newspaper reported.

Anyway, despite the economy recession, it's best to keep a positive outlook, do your best, expect the worst and pray for good things to come. That's all i can say.

As my friend wrote in an SMS message,

'may the ox provide food for our cute hungry tummies such as ox burger, ox tail soup, ox pau, ox char kuey teow... and Oxygen!"

Just breathe as you spend time with your love ones, ya? HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!~

Love & Peace!~



LaTte Raey said...

nice to know that you both enjoyed your CNY so far. Thank you for dropping by my blog. =) support from a bro in christ is good =)


BlurChu? said...


We're Cass. And hope you're doing the same too. Take care, ok?