Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Goodbye, Gideon.

(Late) Gideon Chan (left) and friend.

Yesterday, i was caught off guard after receiving an SMS which stated the following:

I'm sorry to tell you that our bro in Christ, Gideon Chan, has past away this morning.. please pray for his family..

Immediately, i called my friend to confirm the news validity. I was shocked to find out that this young chap, aged 22, was involved in a car accident yesterday morning. It just happened to suddenly.

I got to know Gideon through CF in university. We weren't close, but we had our small talks during CF meetings and in last year's CF camp. I remember he sending me to the PC block in his new Viva after a CF meeting.

Frankly, i don't really know this meek, yet friendly guy well enough, but i was a bit distracted hearing his death yesterday. I heard that a few of the CF members will be visiting him later after CF meeting today.

Well, rest in peace, and hope to meet you in heaven one day, ok?

Gideon (front row, right) with the rest of us CF members. Photo taken last year.

"Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes."

Benjamin Franklin

Love & Peace!~


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