Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm still here (Encore)

Well, it's been awhile since i got to blog my thoughts in here. It's not like i don't want to.

For now, I'm certainly not throwing both my arms in the air now with joy (literally and figuratively). I'm still going through physiotherapy and my right arm is only about 30% function status. Waking up every morning and moving my arm too much brings pain and agony. But that has not killed my love for writing.

The other reason for me not writing is my state of mind. I'm one not of unsound mind, but admits to having issues - issues on synchronization between my mind and my heart. These two can't seem to be looking to each other eye to eye. Ergo, it has been affecting my judgements, decisions and my mood.

And with the bombardment of bad news on the media today, I don't want be another bearer of bad news. I'll try to put up as much encouraging, hilarious and informative stuff which goes on in my life, which can be directly or indirectly be relevent to you.

But for now, i hope to be able to gain clarity in thoughts and peace in my heart before i can go full swing in blogging once again.

"...Ichigo, think you can tell me what the difference between a king and his horse is?"


"And don't even think about saying some kid's riddle answer... 'because one has two legs and the other four' or some shit like that.

"It's about the form, the ability, and then the power! Almost like the two could have been the same existence at one point!

"But then, the one that fights to rise to the top becomes the king! Whichever one is leftover is to become the horse, lending its power to the former! Now, i ask you... what is the difference between the two?

"... There's only one answer.


"A vital tool for someone who has equal power but wishes to seek out something more. A vital tool for one who wish to become king!

"With this, the user will naturally be drawn to battles... be drawn to more power... and use such to mercilessly obliterate his enemies beyond any hope of recognition! Slicing them into pieces... mangling them.... All of this brought on by an absolute raw hunger for battle!

"Our skin is peeled off... our meat scooped out... bones crushed, nerves nullified!

"Every part of us, chiseled down to the very core! All in order to sharpen our killing instinct!!

"Something you have no knowledge of! Your instinct is too obvious, too normal!

"You only fight with reason... and you always need a reason to cut down your opponents! Just who the hell did you think of attacking when your sword vaporized!?

"You see... this is why you will forever be weaker than me! Ichigo!!"

- Hollow Ichigo

Taken from Kubo Tite's manga Bleach (Chapter 220 - King and His Horse)

Everytime i read this part of the manga, it feels like those words are screaming violently in my mind.

Hollow Ichigo: If you slack off even a little... just remember that at that time... I can buck up, trample over you... and crush your skull beneath my hooves!!

Ichigo Kurosaki: Sorry, but... I ain't gonna let you do that.

Taken from Kubo Tite's manga Bleach (Chapter 222 - No Shaking Throne)

But with God's grace and help, i know i can overcome this circumstance.

Love & Peace!~


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