Tuesday, June 07, 2011

And another three - 365

And the one picture per day continues.

DAY 4 - June 4
Isn't this puppy adorable?! This was what Clictus, Esther and i stumbled upon when we were getting some notes photostated at a stationary shop nearby the Heng Ee roundabout. As much as i want to adopt this cute mutt, there's no space in my life to adopt him yet.

DAY 5 - June 5
Kryptonite juice you might ask? Regardless of what is in it, both Melissa D and i managed to collect all six Coca-Cola glass cans from McDonald's. These glasses will be part of our house in the near future.

Expect to be served with Pepsi, 100 plus or orange juice in these glasses.

DAY 6 - June 6
One of the typical scene when i'm not in the office; i'll be somewhere else, with my laptop, rushing in my work to my superiors.

I personally believe that i need to pull up my socks, be more disciplined and responsible in carrying out my duty. I have to admit that i had taken advantage of my boss' trust, and i need to repent and amend my ways. After all, i represent my company, and there is a certain standards to fulfill to be part of it.

Love & Peace!~

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PoeL Journal said...

yea,,out of the box when we are work..