Thursday, April 16, 2009

Status: It's complicated, yet simple.

"The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before
I know you don't think that I am trying
I know you're wearing thin down to the core

But hold your breathe
Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find..."

taken from Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade

I think i've been redundant in saying that my relationship with Melissa D is good; as good as a cup of teh tarik on a beautiful Saturday morning. But sometimes, it does rain on those mornings, but the teh still taste as great.

Honestly, at times, we do quarrel; over several small issues and rarely, over big issues. We lay out all we need to say, let out our feelings, feel the heat, then learn to forgive, accept and love one another.

Not too long ago, Melissa D did something which i didn't approve behind my back, and i snapped - which resulted in lots of tears (on her side) and angry people (me).

But i've talked to several people, prayed about it and then talked to her. And

I remember while talking to Paul and Michelle, they said if we are seriously looking into marriage in this relationship (which we are), i need to forgive her and show mercy.

Also while talking to another friend of ours, Joash, he said that it's usual for couples to quarrel, and that a friend of his argued with his wife over toothpaste! But at the end of the day, both in the relationship should learn to forgive and love one another.

I also believe in submitting this exciting relationship i have into God's hands lah. Through ups and downs, we keep depending on Him, as change is constant.

For a long time, i've been observing many relationships, both good and bad, around me.

There are those who are just feeling so darn happy in the relationship.
Some are learning as they go, sometimes not thinking too much about it.
Those who are in an abusive cycle and are somewhat dragging their feet along.
Some who wish they could return to what the relationship was before.
There are those who part ways, and never spoke about the relationship again.
Some are learning to depend on God from afar, praying and hoping for the best.

For me, we've got a lot to learn in this relationship, and i pray that God will continue to guide us, through those sunshine and rainy days.

"You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you just might find
You get what you need..."

Excerpt from Rolling Stones' You can't always get what you want

Love & Peace!~


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