Friday, December 26, 2008

Super Duper Christmas!

Me and Melissa D in KL

It has been awhile since i last blogged, and i have a few days before the year ends... and i have one more entry to go. I maybe down with flu, but i can pull this through!

Anyway, i was back in KL few days back, and i brought Melissa D along with me. It was our maiden trip down to KL together, and she got to know many of my friends from uni and church.

It was great to get to meet up with them, and introduce the love of my life and my friends to each other.

(from left) Sher-Mayne and Justin Botak, Kevan and Angeline, Melissa D and me at Italiannies in The Gardens, Mid-Valley. Somewhat a triple date that we should do more often... followed by a few r0unds of 'mose' and 'heart-attack'!

My dad was really going all out to make Melissa D feel at home, and he tried a little too much. But i'm okay and glad that he really put in all that effort. It was something i really enjoyed lah. My dad made me proud, as he accepts her as family.

My dad (centre) with Rowen and Shannon (on the left) and Melissa D and me (on the right) after dinner at Chef & Brew in Damansara

And this year was the first time i'm celebrating Christmas away from home. And i do enjoy every moment of it, not only because i have my dear with me, but the church revealed to me the spirit of giving as they generously gave out gifts to everyone after yesterday's Christmas service.

I was really touched, and both Melissa D and i planned to be more generous in 2009. More than just candies in the basket to our cell group members. I believe i can do that!

For those celebrating Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS... and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Love & Peace!~


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